30 August 2012

Summer Update!

I haven’t written for a while since don’t have my weekly religion blog assignment!  My next classes start up in just over a week.  I’m taking a required Family Foundations course and a Business orientation one.  That’s a total of 3 credits, which will be nice since Jasper will be born in just a few weeks!  I had to change my major to Business again since BYU-I decided to discontinue the English online degree program.

Jasper’s due date is just 53 days away!  Here’s a picture of her adorable face from her 20-week ultrasound.  She's almost 33 weeks now!  And she is SO CUTE!!!  :)

20 Week Ultrasound
Jasper's 20-Week Ultrasound
My mom and Melanie are throwing a baby shower next month on the 29th, so I got registered for things at Target.com!  It was lots of fun checking out all the cute baby clothes and things. :)  Click here to view my registry!

We moved from Provo just over a month ago.  We live in Sandy now!  Brooke & Taylor moved to Sandy too, so we’re all renting a 5-bedroom house together!  It’s fun.  Michael started teaching Social Studies a couple weeks ago.  I reactivated my 24 Hour Fitness membership and really enjoy swimming lately!  I’m also 10 miles closer to work now, which is awesome!  It only takes me 15 minutes to get to work and I love it!  It’s also nice because I go southbound to work, whereas MOST commuters go north, so I don’t have to deal with the awful traffic as much.  Same with going home!  However, traffic around the Point of the Mountain often has its way of being sluggish for some reason.

We’ve had a hot summer!  It’s starting to cool down gradually, which is nice!  Autumn will be here soon and I can’t wait!  It’s my favorite season.  I love the smell of autumn, the golden sunshine, the colorful leaves, etc.  It’s great!

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  1. Yay, I can't wait for cute lil' Jasper to be born!!!!!
    And I'm excited for cooler weather too!!! :)